Winstock – Thu 6/15/2023 – (adults only 15+)

Report times:  5:30pm-2am

Location: Winsted MN

Each volunteer will also get a weekend event wristband so when they are not working a shift they can feel free to go in and watch the concert

The duties will be working gates(points of entry) for parking lots, concert venues as well as campgrounds.   The venue will supply pop-up tents at these locations for volunteers to use.   

The venue will have assigned staff to constantly stop by these locations to give breaks etc so staff does not feel like they are stranded.

Donation $17.50 per hour.

Rv’s that sleep 4-6 will be provided or you can bring your own RV or tent. Shower and bathroom trailers will also be provided.

Sold out!

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Jun 15 2023


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